35 thoughts on “Four Point Landing

  1. Have you done this drawing ..???? You have talent ….
    This is something I haven’t tried for years …. and I know I’m not able to anymore. In those days it didn’t really matter where I landed … today, I want to be sure – so I stay on my feets.
    Have a wonderful weekend now, you two.
    How is Mr Browns knee doing ????


  2. I used to know how to do cartwheels – I can’t now cos I’m too bottom heavy and my arms aint strong enough to take the load 😉 But I agree, I wish I could still do it and show it to my kids. I always felt proud of it – at least I had one skill that looked awesome when I was younger hahaha….


    • Ha! I did not land on my caboose. Interesting, I could NOT do this as a child. But I could as an adult. A very over weight adult at that. Then it got better when I lost weight. 🙂 And never as good as this pony tail. 😉


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