My Friend My Friend

My friend-

Sometimes we will joyfully meander through life.  And our noises will be loud, cheerful and boisterous.  There will be playing.  There will be hard work with joy in our hearts.   We will learn things to fill our curiosities.   We will learn things by mistake.   The days will seem like forever shining.

Sometimes, we will be stumped.  We won’t have a clue what is going on.   I won’t understand you and you won’t understand me.  But that won’t matter because we will just say so.   It will be blunt and to the point.   And we will laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.

There will be times my friend, when you may get angry with me.   And I will say be mad!  And it will be okay.   Because being angry seems like such a waste of time.   And one of  us will point that out.   And we will shake our heads at our own behaviors.

And my friend, there will be times when there doesn’t seem to be enough time for us to speak.   To write.   To learn.  But never will there be enough time to separate our existence as friends.

And most importantly …

There will be times when one of us is hit hard by life’s volleys.  It will gob smack us in the head.  Pierce our heart.   And leave us wandering aimlessly lost in the unexpected darkness.   Not sure where to go.

Know that at this time…

All we will be able to do is whisper softly from our hearts  …listen.   Can you hear me?  Listen…as I whisper with persistence and determination!

My friend my friend!

I am right here!  Don’t worry about finding me.  

I will find you.  

And I will bring the comfort.  

The strength.  The courage.  

To help you through.

My friend my friend!  

You are not alone.

I will find you!