Max And Bella

How can I refuse Max and Bella?

They love and are loved by Paulette who hangs out over at The Persecution Of Mildred Dunlap.

They asked if I ever did any of my little ‘cartoons’ of furry friends.   I was honored that they referred to my shadow people as ‘cartoons’.   They are super kind to me.

I have only done one sketch of furry friends.  And there’s a bit of a back story.  First, I don’t have pets.  I know that I am not home enough to properly care for anyone I would bring home to fill my life.  I would be leaving the little fella (because it would be a dog) more than I would be with him.   And I don’t see the point in doing that to anyone.  Furry or non-furry I’ve seen too many of both left alone.  And it’s sad.

But in my line of work I come in to contact with many people who’s main source of love and acceptance, is their furry friend.  There’s a whole lot of commentary to say about us as people regarding this.   But for now, I’ll say that it’s a blessing for many people to be loved by a pet.   And it’s a blessing for many pets to have someone love them.

One of my co-workers had worked with someone who lost their elderly dog.   And it was very sad to think of her without her buddy.   I went home that night and this popped out of my pen.

She Loved Him

So, Max and Bella, for you.  And for all of your friends and relatives who make a difference in someone’s life.  Here you go.  With much appreciation.  You are valued, needed, and loved.

15 thoughts on “Max And Bella

  1. Colleen, that is sweet beyond words. It is amazing to have your “sketches” pop from your brian, i am so sure that Max and Bella will enjoy the picture, and even more the story and thoughts that come with it.

    Take care, Bill


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