She Heard It Some Where….

Po came in the house to tattle on a little one.  He told one little man not to run through the yard.  His little she cousin told Po “you’re a dumb ass”.

Now here’s the thing.

She said it.   She heard it somewhere.   She has no idea what it means.  But she said it.  And mom had to address it.

Mom was startled when Po tattled.  I’m not calling Po out as a tattler here…..I don’t think.  What I mean is, mom was startled at what Po was tattling telling about.

Mom went out to tell little she that we don’t say mean things.

And mom went on to say that you don’t say things like that.

I just stood there trying to do the right thing and not react to the child, or to the mother’s admonishments.   But there was another she child observing.  And the other child who was observing  didn’t think mom understood correctly.

Mom told first little she child again “you don’t say things like that”.  She’d said it about four times, not sure what else to say.

Second little she child piped up as mom kept trying to insist that small she child does not say these things.   She spoke up  and said “yes she does, she called him a dumb ass”.

Her clarification made it clear.

She does indeed say this.

Now, to get her to stop.