She Heard It Some Where….

Po came in the house to tattle on a little one.  He told one little man not to run through the yard.  His little she cousin told Po “you’re a dumb ass”.

Now here’s the thing.

She said it.   She heard it somewhere.   She has no idea what it means.  But she said it.  And mom had to address it.

Mom was startled when Po tattled.  I’m not calling Po out as a tattler here…..I don’t think.  What I mean is, mom was startled at what Po was tattling telling about.

Mom went out to tell little she that we don’t say mean things.

And mom went on to say that you don’t say things like that.

I just stood there trying to do the right thing and not react to the child, or to the mother’s admonishments.   But there was another she child observing.  And the other child who was observing  didn’t think mom understood correctly.

Mom told first little she child again “you don’t say things like that”.  She’d said it about four times, not sure what else to say.

Second little she child piped up as mom kept trying to insist that small she child does not say these things.   She spoke up  and said “yes she does, she called him a dumb ass”.

Her clarification made it clear.

She does indeed say this.

Now, to get her to stop.

41 thoughts on “She Heard It Some Where….

  1. Yes, kid always say the wrong things at just the right time … isn’t that so funny. Dumb ass …that is what I have for the moment. Po, isn’t totally wrong there is things like a dumb ass in Sweden. Very cute – and she will grow out off it .. when she find a more interesting word.


  2. How does a child understand something is wrong to say without an explanation why it’s wrong?

    My daughter was about five, when she used the f**k work. I told her not to say it because it wasn’t nice. She asked, “Why?” There’s the rub. Figuring out a way to explain why something is wrong. I told her, the word hurts people’s feelings and she stopped.


    • You’re spot on Tess. She did need to be told. But it was a bit of chaos at that moment and her mom was just stumped. And I think she kept repeating herself because little miss was not paying attention. She is pretty good about talking to her kids so I’m sure once they got in a less chaotic environment she explained to the little one better. But I do like that simple explanation. It pretty much covers the entirety of the reason to not say those words.


  3. Colleen, My heart goes out to you kinda, and only kinda, because a zillion years ago, when I was fresh out of the Navy, I had a lovely daughter. Allison is a smart girl and even back then she had a good head. But one time she dropped the “F” bomb. That word had been a constant in my volcabulary. All my wife said was “Told you,” so in assence Allison was “tattllng” on me, and I had no place to go. Take care, Bill


    • Oh Bill! I so understand THAT one. My oldest dropped that word in talking to her GRANDMA who looked at me, and I looked right back and told her to talk to HER son. She knew where it really came from. I was embarrassed as all get out. And yes, when the little ones speak, you know what it is they have heard!


  4. SOOO funny Colleen. Reminds me of when my nephew Johnny told my mom that his younger brother–then 2 or 3–had said a “bad word.” When Lynn asked Sam if he had indeed said a BAD word, he replied, honestly and incredulously, “All I said was “‘pain in the ass.” LOL

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • And Sam had no idea it was a bad word because everyone said it! 😉 At least that would be something I bet he could have said. 🙂 It was pretty funny in the moment! I just wasn’t expecting it. Hugs returned! 🙂


  5. With all the “shes” and “little she child” and “first” and…. I’m so CORN-fused! But I think I get the gist… Po tattled. Granddaughter said bad words. Granddaughter’s mom scolded Granddaughter… But at the end, someone WAS an ass? LOL (ps If granddaughter cannot stop, have her face time with my daughter.)


    • I will keep that in mind. There were TWO she childs. One who called Po the bad words. Then the other who watched while mom tried to convince the cusser it wasn’t what “we” do. And the second one said…yes it is! 😉


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