My Life As People

My grandfather gave the most comforting back rubs.

My grandmother chewed Dentyne gum.

My grandma gave me the biggest oatmeal raisin cookie I have had to date in my life.

My grandpa smoked a pipe and often had a fishing hat upon his head.

My dad would lie on the floor, with his head by the speakers which played at full blast, he would lie with his hands folded across his chest, his body straight, and listen to his blaring music with his eyes shut.

My mom made the best pancake dinners ever and the only lasagna of worth in the world.

My oldest brother loved the Beatles like they were Gods.

My next oldest brother pulled his head back in a snorty like laugh.

My next oldest brother ate peaches out of cans.

My younger sister was all girly and liked to be pretty.

My younger brother could tell a story like a true politician.

My next younger brother would try to convince me I was adopted.

My youngest sister had curly hair and a dislike of clothing for an entire year of her life.

My friend before I was ten had blonde hair and only one brother, neither of which made sense to me.

My neighbors we called “Mr. and Mrs.” on both sides of our house.  We only called kids by their first names.

My teachers made us repeat things over and over to learn them. And we did.

My first boss at my first job where I  worked outside of a family business scared the crap out of me.

My aunts and uncles on both sides of my family were the first comedians I ever knew.

My friends over the years have been as varied and different as people could be.

My mentors have been men, women, and children alike.

My children have been my heart.

My grandchildren have been my heartbeats.

My husband has been my laughter, my joy, my encouragement, my life.

My life as people has been full.