I’m Not That Beautiful

I’m not that beautiful.

And it inspires me.

This isn’t a form of self depreciation.  On the contrary.   This is a bellowing out to the world of beautiful:

You inspire me!

To the world of music that moves me with lyric and sound.   My heart can literally ache to the beauty of that creation.  Or my spirit lift and I feel energized at the message of hope, or life, or fun, or love.   And my moments of pain can be comforted by the sounds of understanding that are sung to my very feeling alone moments….to let me know that if others can sing this very way I feel….I am not alone.

I am not as beautiful as this music.

To the art that pours from hands and eyes.  The colors that splash on canvas.  Whether the canvas is framed and admired by many.   Or the canvas is a wall – painted by eyes with vision  and spray cans.   Or the canvas is the drawing paper a child scrawls their perfect world with imperfect lines and colors that make purple trees and pink grass and people as large as the houses.   The children see the import of who is larger than the import of what.

I am not as beautiful as these colors, these visions, this vibrance.

When I see a garden full of lovingly tended plants and flowers and things I don’t know what to call – I can be  lifted from any greyness I have allowed myself to slump around in.    My eyes are treated to the candy of bouquets still growing and fragrance not bottled or sprayed.  I see the garden and wonder at the life in the mind and soul and fingers of whoever planted, cultivated and encouraged nature’s glory.

I am not as beautiful as the bursts of life from this ground.

When I witness the generosity and kindness of human to human in the most simplest and purest of gestures, to the most grandiose and life changing acts-I am awed by the selflessness that thrives upon this earth.   I am humbled by the altruistic nature of many.  I am quieted in my grumblings of life when I see another give everything they have to one who has more.  And the one who gives all is the one who has wealth.

I am not as beautiful as the humanity I see.

It’s this beauty I see and experience that inspires me.

To look for beautiful.

To share beautiful.

And aspire to be.


32 thoughts on “I’m Not That Beautiful

  1. Colleen, Once again you have sumed up a difficult issue in such a way we all enjoy and appreciate your talent, Maybe some of us will look at things in a slightly fifferent way, maybe our focus will be better. And most importantly maybe we can all inspire to be beautiful. Take care, Bill


  2. This is beautiful. And, please allow me to disagree with you, that you aren’t as beautiful… to me you are, and I say that with honest and full heart. Of course, not music, not art, not a flower, they are all beautiful in their own, to me so are you–without compare. Happy weekend, Colleen. p.s. beauty in the eyes of the …


  3. This post is such poetry, Colleen. You absolutely focussed on beauty and channelled it, shaping it into the most wonderful words.You truly captured beauty here. You should frame this.


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