Something Isn’t Right

I have heard and read the quote of Edmund Burke:   “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

And I believe in the essence and the spirit of the quote.

But if I may humbly add a thought, an opinion, a footnote of my own.


Good men and women need to recognize

that doing something is not always a good idea either.  

It’s doing the right thing that matters.  

Find the right thing to do,

And work towards that goal.


As a person.

We must know that evil exists.

And contemplate what it is that allows evil.

And what we can do.

A Person

As a person.

I may pray for peace.

If pray is what I do.


I might beg of the powers-

Let there be peace.


I might stand up.

Raise my voice.

And actively pursue peace.

Pursue Peace

I might hide in fear.

And be unable to pray, or plead, or do.


I don’t know what each of us may do.

Or what each of us may think.

Or what each of us may fear.

But to have peace.

Mustn’t we believe in peace.

Mustn’t we be peace.

How many of us are?