She Didn’t Want To Kill Me- And That Was Super Nice Of Her

I love bikes.  Bicycles.  Riding bikes.  Cycling.  Two wheels, and pedals.  And making it go.

I don’t like the “I’m in a vehicle with an engine so I am omnipotent and am more powerful than you” drivers.  Because they scare the crap out of me.

Yes, your vehicle is more powerful than I.

And I respect that.

What I respect more are the drivers of vehicles who show as much respect to bicycles as they do to any other human being.

It’s a simple thing really.

Don’t kill me with your car.

And when you don’t, I will thank you.

Today we hopped on our bikes to pedal for some lunch.   The bike trail is a little odd.  It goes along the road for a bit, and actually uses a sidewalk for a short distance.  And the side walk curves with the road.   If you aren’t familiar with this, and you are in a car, it may appear as if the bikers are going to shoot straight across a road that you may be turning right in to.  When actually the bikers on the trail are curving to their right on a very separate path.

Today as I  approached the curve to my right a car pulled up along side me, I could see her in my peripheral vision.  I couldn’t stop because husband was behind me.  She was on my left and trying to see where I was going.  She literally stopped in the road with vehicles behind her as I continued on the curve of the bike path.  She pulled up a little bit and I kept saying “it’s okay, go ahead, it’s okay”.    Finally she did, once she saw where I was going.

She was going to the grocery store so I followed her.  She probably thought I was stalking her or going to yell at her.  Such are the fears of the world these days.

By the time I caught up to her she was out of her car crossing the lot.  I pedaled slowly and asked if she was the lady who came around the curve when I did.  She nodded yes and her eyes were looking me over for signs of danger (which I applaud, be careful folks!).   I told her I really appreciated the courtesy she was showing me.  I’ve seen so many drivers at that curve shoot ahead thinking a bicyclist was going to try and cut them off.  And if the biker was going to do that, the drivers would have hit them.  She smiled, in appreciation (or relief) and said she had been hit by a car on her bike once and is very careful of other bikers.  I told her I just wanted to thank her, she made my day.

She smiled and said thank you for going out of my way to do so.  I had been balancing on my bike so I didn’t have to come to a complete stop and I turned around to go and she shouted “thank you!  And have a great day!!”

I told her “I WILL!”   and happily pedaled away thanking her for not wanting to kill me.

It’s the little things.


25 thoughts on “She Didn’t Want To Kill Me- And That Was Super Nice Of Her

  1. I think it must take a lot of trust to ride bikes with the way people drive so aggressively. I always try to be aware of those driving in the bike paths, but sometimes I get nervous. I always hope my depth perception is all it should be! 🙂 I’m also glad no one tried to kill you today. hahaha!


  2. Colleen, Years ago I rode a motorcycle, clearly it’s not the same as a bike, we had to share the road with the cars, but as a motorcycle driver I learned to appreciate what bikers were dealing with, and made me much more aware. It’s an awareness I continue to use whenever I drive. I am glad your safe, I am glad you had a conversation with that lady, and I imagine she is thankful as well. Please take care, Bill


    • I have to say the percentage of cruel drivers is ridiculously low compared to considerate and cautious drivers. But it only takes that one in a million that you pass to give you PTSD on a bike. And I don’t say that lightly.


  3. I love not only her care over you, but also the fact you took the trouble to tell her your appreciation. Lots of people will complain, but fewer compliment. I try hard to compliment people, their managers and my family – and it seems to make their day.


  4. Good on you for not proper stalking her Colleen!! 🙂

    She was excessively careful – by comparison to how others seem to be. It’s great you thanked her. That’s one of the things I like about you – after a moment happens in life, this or that, you usually go and say thanks or whatever. I really think that’s great.

    In our local shopping strip – YOU JUST CAN’T BELIEVE IT – where I go regularly, a car door opened after the person had parked, opened right on a cyclist, the cyclist died. He was late teens, and yes in a helmet. I have stressed & stressed to Daniel care about bikes. He comments while driving frustration at this or that, but I remind him no use a death, going to jail, etc etc – let alone road rage, just be calm, get by safely, and onward we all go.

    Love hearing moments of your life, Colleen.


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