Love, Is Sometimes The Only Thing

In crisis it is easy to succumb to fear and sadness and bewilderment.

Right now I am surrounded by sad things happening.   Sad things to friends and their families.  Sad things to family in my life.  Sad…things.

Though I am sad about the circumstances and events that are changing people’s lives….  I am full up filled with gratitude and appreciation of what love can do for one another.

Even in crisis and with bad things going on there are reasons to celebrate and be at peace with what is.

No matter who we are as individuals we are lovable.  I know that I am not perfect.  But I know that I am perfectly loved.   No matter my faults I know that my family and friends would not care.   If I was at risk.  If I was in harms way.  If I was in pain.  I would matter more than my faults.  This would not erase my faults.  My suffering would not make me a perfect human being.  But they would want to soothe my suffering because I am human.  As are they.

The suffering we see may very well bring out the perfect part of our humanity.   Our love.  Our ability to accept and tolerate one another.  And our willingness to over look, put aside, or remarkably even….forgive.

I am witnessing suffering.  Horrible things that we can’t prevent, stop once they start, or sometimes even recover from – happen every day.

In the midst of these crisis I am empowered with the inherent simplicity of  love.  And amazed at the power, the strength and the unity that love has ingrained in us.  Sometimes just breathing through these moments in life takes everything we have.  And the only thing that keeps us breathing … is the need to love someone else through this.

I think when we are in need and love surrounds us and cares for us, and we don’t even know it, there is something undeniably pure.   When you give, knowing that no one else will know, or no one else can understand-you give truly.  Freely.

As I sit in a hospital, feeling helpless …. I feel blessed.  Blessed that even when we feel like we can do nothing-  Love is the only thing we have to do.  And it is being done.  Non-stop.

36 thoughts on “Love, Is Sometimes The Only Thing

  1. Colleen, for any of the many things that could be involving both you and those that love you, or whom you love my heart goes to all of you. I hope y ou find the strength of soul, to carry you forward, and thru any sorrow coming your way. Please take care, and realize I am thinking good thoughts for you and your family. — Bill


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