Where The Shadows Are

I’ve taken a bit of a chance here and have given the Shadow People a world of their own.   Many of you have been very encouraging and expressed that you like them.

I have to admit, I am very happy letting them jump out of my pen.

I have found that there are many, many, many of them living in there.  And seeing as how I love pens, I think there are thousands of them to set free.

They may still show up, here, on occasion.  But I thought they deserved their own place.  I’ll try it for awhile.  See if I they exist for long outside of my pen.

If you care to go check them out you can find them at:

The Shadows Of Our Lives.

And of course when I set it up I messed it up and the address of it does not match the title of the blog.  You would think I had learned that with this blog.

My bad.