Thanks For Having Me

So tonight I learned that you wore a blue maternity dress.  And the evening was cool.  And the woman who would become my Godmother had come over to visit you.  As you sat outside to relax.  Not sure how you got that moment with three little boys who arrived within the few years before me.

I like that what I now know about that night goes well with what I know about me.

I am fascinated by a world where neighbors visit and check on one another.

I absolutely love a cool evening in the fall.

I love that woman who came over to visit and check on you.

The only thing I don’t get is that I don’t like dresses, and blue is not one of my favorite colors.

But other than that, I like the story.

And by the way.

Thanks for having me.

A Cool Fall Evening


29 thoughts on “Thanks For Having Me

  1. Very sweet Colleen. Haven’t I always told you it was my pleasure? You are a very very special person and I am the only one who gets to call you MY FIRSTBORN DAUGHTER. Happy Birthday and I love you bunches.


  2. Colleen, you and another blogger friend of mine share the same birth date (9/22). Lots of September babies. Hope you had a wonderful time being celebrated!!! 🙂
    By the way, I don’t like dresses either. Never have and never will.


    • Hi Anka! Thank you! I did have a wonderful time. The kids surprised me with a “surprise” party. And I’m SO glad other women get my dislike for dresses!!!! And YOUR count down goes on!!!! So exciting!!


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