I Would Have Worn A Dress And Patent Leather Shoes

If I was eight and doing a recital I would have worn a dress and patent leather shoes.  And some horrible looking bow with a whale spout on top of my head.

Because it would have been how my mother would have told me to dress.

I also would not have wanted to do a recital.

Nor would I have been disciplined enough to practice anything to go to a recital to recital for.

I’m no longer eight.

And I no longer have hair long enough to do a whale spout with.

And I can dress myself any darn way I want.  Rest assured it does not include bows or dresses.  Plenty of tennis shoes and jeans.

And I do have discipline to stick with something long enough to find the joy in it.  Or learn that it isn’t for me.

What I don’t have….is the youth.

What I do have…is the desire.

The desire to discover things in life.  To try all of the things that interest me.  Even if it is only for a day.  Or a week.  Or longer.  Now that I have the self discipline to practice at things, I look forward to it.

I may have a garage and house full of bow and arrows, paints, wood carving stuff, jigsaw cutting stuff, bracelet making stuff, Renaissance Fair stuff, work out equipment, bikes, kayaks, xylophones, tin whistles, bodhran, martial arts weapons and gear, etc…

I shudder to think of the time wasted in my life where I didn’t explore.  Where I didn’t learn.  Where I didn’t do.

So at my new age, my older age, I explore what I can.

And I hope my children and their children are encouraged to try.  To explore.  To see what they can do.  And to find the joy in learning about anything that peaks their interest.  Even if only for a day.  Or two.  There’s nothing wrong with being intrigued by something, explore that something, and learn that it isn’t something you’re interested in after all.

It’s how we learn about us.  What if we are meant to be great at something but we never explore to find that something we are great at.  (I learned something else new today, I can end a sentence with a preposition if it sounds too contrived to change it.  The internet told me so.  So it must be so.)

So I did my first recital the other day.  I didn’t wear what I would have worn when I was eight.  But, then again, I wouldn’t have done a recital when I was eight.  So I’ve come full circle.  Or 180 degrees.  Or …. I just got older and have decided I want to do things.   So I do.

And in case you are wondering what a whale spout is:

Whale Spout

Yes.  That is my hair.  Spouting off of the top of my head.  And I am in a dress.  With patent leather shoes.

Tried that.  Didn’t like it.

Moving on.