It was a dark and stormy night.

No, really, it was.

And a husband and I were arguing. Not “the” Husband but “a” husband.

I was pretty stinking mad.

I couldn’t tell you why.

We were out driving and taking the long way home so we would be done arguing before we got home to where the kids were.

At one point he stopped the car.

I got out.  I was tired of not being heard.

He told me to get back in the car.

I stomped off in to the dark and stormy night.

That will teach him!!!!!   I thought as he drove off in the heated, and dry interior, of the car.

In case you don’t know this, which most of you surely don’t, I can be dramatic.

So dramatic that when I would see headlights approaching on this dark, cold, rainy night I would jump in to the weeds and woods on the side of the road and hide. I didn’t want to have a husband coming back around and picking me up.

And I can say now that this was before I was a ninja and I was scared witless of the back roads and who might be traveling upon them. If it wasn’t a husband, I didn’t want it to be anyone else either.

I stomped along for ever. It felt like hours. And surely it had to have been about 11 or 12 miles (I was sure it was at least this long. Highly disappointed when I checked that distance by car a couple of days later and it was less than two miles. Head hang in shame). By the time I ever did get home I was soaked through. He never said a word to me.

I was too soaked, sore and tired to do anything other than roll up in a comforter and lay on the floor in front of the tv.

I watched a new episode of “Roseanne” as I lay like a soaking wet burrito on my living room floor. He never said a word to me. I never said a word to him. Nothing resolved. No point to the harrowing experience of foot stomping and ditch diving into weeds.

There’s really no point to this story.  All that foot stomping and not a single point to be made.

Then.  Or now.

Seems silly how much time and energy is wasted on pointless matters.


If you read this far…thanks. And I’m sorry if this was pointless to you.