mo Athair

My father was not Superman.

Not Superman

He was dad.

Dad, who told us what to do and expected us to do it.

Dad Orders

Dad who loved the riding lawn mower and drinking beer.

Riding Mower Dad

He taught us how to play ‘hot box’ with baseball throwing.

And a beer at his feet.

Hot Box

He loved music.  And when he listened to the Kingston Trio.

We all listened to the Kingston Trio.

Dad's Music

The world may not have taken notice of him.

In his casual ways.

Dad Pose

But we did.

And he took notice of us.

He put every single one of us on a pedestal.

He believed we could do anything.

Anything at all.

He Believed In Us

He wasn’t perfect.

He wasn’t always right.

But he loved us.

Every day.

Because we were his children.

Thank you dad.

For loving us.

And for my favorite image of him-

For praying for us.

Pray For Your Children

Happy 15th Anniversary in Heaven Dad.