In The Shadows Of Grief

In the shadows of our grief.

We easily and harshly recall the things we did not do.

Or the things we wish to have done better.

Shadows of Grief

We find it difficult to accept comfort.

To ease us from our lost chances.


We surround ourselves and fill our hearts,

With the shadows of what we perceive were our failings.

Our losses.

Or our lost chances.

We shoulder blame.  Guilt.  Remorse.  Sadness.

Shadows of Grieving

Forgetting to stop.

Pull our hearts back,

And look at the whole picture.

And remember that despite our pains and personal blames.

We had love.

And the best of the life grieved.

Was with you.

All of you.

The Big Picture of Love

In the shadows of your grief.

I see love.  Life.  Happiness.

Take comfort.

From what you did well.

In loving him.

He was most happy,

When surrounded by you all.