It’s Not Your Fault

Yesterday I was at a training.   A three and a half hour training.  Trainings physically drain me.  It’s difficult to sit for that long.  It hurts.

Trainings Hurt

Though the information was good.  And I appreciated the training there was one thing that the trainer said that I can’t get out of my head.

He said, basically….

That you can’t help the crap that falls in to your head.

It happens to all of us.

I’ve heard this before.  And believe it.   We can’t help the crap that falls in to our heads.  It’s not our fault what gets dropped in there.    It’s what we do with the crap that falls in to our heads that we have control over.

Sadly, I have no crap in my head to share with you today.   Other than that phrase.  Feel free to peruse other posts I have written previously.   Or if you are highly disappointed, I don’t blame you for wondering off, disappointed.

  I hope you find some good crap that falls in to your head today.

Good luck!

(But really…..I have over 1500 posts that related better crap that had fallen in to my head…..)    😉