It’s Not Your Fault

Yesterday I was at a training.   A three and a half hour training.  Trainings physically drain me.  It’s difficult to sit for that long.  It hurts.

Trainings Hurt

Though the information was good.  And I appreciated the training there was one thing that the trainer said that I can’t get out of my head.

He said, basically….

That you can’t help the crap that falls in to your head.

It happens to all of us.

I’ve heard this before.  And believe it.   We can’t help the crap that falls in to our heads.  It’s not our fault what gets dropped in there.    It’s what we do with the crap that falls in to our heads that we have control over.

Sadly, I have no crap in my head to share with you today.   Other than that phrase.  Feel free to peruse other posts I have written previously.   Or if you are highly disappointed, I don’t blame you for wondering off, disappointed.

  I hope you find some good crap that falls in to your head today.

Good luck!

(But really…..I have over 1500 posts that related better crap that had fallen in to my head…..)    😉

29 thoughts on “It’s Not Your Fault

  1. Colleen, Trust half the posts I write are about the crap that falls out of my head, into my fingers and onto a post. I couldn’t live with the crap falling on my head LOL LOL. What a wonderful post, it explains so much. Thank You, Bill — as a side bar this trip has given me crap on the head to share.


  2. Your crap is great crap …. and if you run out we will be short handed. *smile – training it all depends on how interesting the person is who is doing it. I normally fall to sleep – but then I have been on training when I been fired up as a full firework.
    So he means that every post … I read today is crap – read 189 … suddenly I got very tired.
    Have to lay down with a big bowl of ice cream, because there is no Clooney around.


      • Colleen, I think I’m on the right way now … still a bit uncomfortable to take the medicine, but it seems to be better by the day. Very slow process .. but if it works, who cares.
        Just had a private hell that last 4 months.


          • Colleen, I was very worried about the NYC trip .. two days before everything went just normal and two days after my return home .. it came back, very wired – but I was so luck.
            Colleen, after gone through a journey because of cancer – you just carry on .. and most pains the brain except after a while and we can be able to live with them and around them.
            Thank you so much for your fantastic support and concern about me in this .. discomfort.


            • It’s interesting that you say that about pain. It played in to a part of my work day today. And you are welcome. I hope that you don’t have any more flare ups. How awesome was that that it went away for your trip????


              • Very wired the whole pain things .. it was gone for 9 days. You know I have numb feet after my chemo .. it feels like myl feet is sleeping and very painful to walk at them at times. It’s constantly – except early in the morning, but I the brain has excepted that pain to 80% and it’s bothering me .. when I walk a lot, but it doesn’t stop me from walking … and I have to walk. So the brain except some levels of pain and discomfort.


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