I Simply

I simply am.





There is nothing wrong with me.  Just because I am not perfect.

I’m not a failure because I have failed.

And all of my successes?  They do not make me fully successful.

I complain, but I’m very grateful.

I’m not difficult to understand.  Though I often struggle to express, fully, my thoughts and emotions.

I am an open book.  But every thing about me will never be written.

I have huge expectations.  But I will let you down.

I am these things.

And many more.

Yet, not enough.

I simply, am, what I am.

33 thoughts on “I Simply

  1. You have some thoughts going on … upstairs – you always amaze me with your posts, so deep but so easy to relate to, because it’s just the way things are … and I wish that people just could except that they are what they are and don’t trying to be something else, be happy with what is there, we can always improve on ourselves – but we don’t need to be something we are not. I love the Colleen, I know …


  2. Reblogged this on Dealing with COPD and commented:
    This could sum up my 63 yrs of existence in less than a hundred words, so beautifully written. Colleen of The Chatter Box fame, is a wonderfully gifted writer. It will always warm your heart, make you smile, and will bring a tear to your eye,. Give her a follow, you will be better for it. Bill


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