I Gots Friends

I have friends.

Friends who don’t ride bikes with me.

Friends who don’t kayak with me.

Friends who don’t read what I write.

Friends who don’t work with me.

Friends who don’t see me.

Friends who I don’t see.

Friends who make me laugh.

Friends who love to talk.

Friends who love silence.

Friends who get mad at me.

Friends who never did martial arts with me.

Friends who sing and play beautiful music.

Friends who laugh when I sing.

Friends who have never heard me sing.

Friends who I have never danced with.

Friends who don’t know my favorite color.

Friends I’ve never met before.

Friends with patience more than I.

Friends who have punched me in the eye.

Friends who have gone.

Friends not yet met.

Friends who will wonder about me.

Friends who take me as I am.

Friends who anger over what I say.

Friends who do all they can for others.

Friends who need all of the help they can get.

Friends who spend life laughing.

Friends who ponder the meaning of it all.

Friends I can’t explain.

Friends.  I gots friends.



42 thoughts on “I Gots Friends

  1. Coileen, I know I fall into many of the categories this lovely post provides details. It is wonderful what cyberland can do. Thank you so much for all you have given. Your friendship is one I will always cherish.


    • I clicked on replay by mistake.
      Then there is the friend ship we have found here … that we share thoughts, joy, worries and sadness with. I suppose that quote was said before internet became.
      It’s strange how the bond .. happens over internet – very difficult to put a finger on. I share all your thoughts here …


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