The First Moments Forever

I ever so briefly passed out when I had my first child.  Literally, for only a few seconds.

When I woke, or came to, the first sound I heard was laughter.  It was the nurses.  A circle of them.  The nurses who were caring for and handling my baby.  They surrounded her like a fortress and I couldn’t even see her.  They were laughing at her little self and her beautiful little presence.   I’ll never forget that.  That baby was put on this earth to smile.  And to make others smile.

The second time I had a baby it happened faster than we had anticipated.  And we had anticipated fast.  Things happened so fast that none of us had time at the hospital to get ready and set and go….to the birth.  A good bit of drama in the hour leading up to getting to the hospital so she wouldn’t be born in a car.  Or on the street.  Or in the parking lot.     The first thing I witnessed with the second baby was her father leaning over the bassinet they had her in and he reached down a very large hand and ever so gently touched her little hand and said “hello honey”.   Ever since she arrived she has loved the emotional moments and the grand moments.

These babies have much more to them than those first moments.  But I want them to always know that from their first moments they have brought smiles, emotion, drama, and grandness to my moments.  Those first moments have lived with me forever.   And they seem to have lived them forever.

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