You Aren’t Fooling Me

How does something so beautiful instill such fear?  If you work in a service industry, health industry or any kind of helping field you may know what I mean.

Regardless of science or personal beliefs.

There is truth in this.

I don’t need anyone to explain physiological, science, mental health, karma or whatever moon knowledge exists.

Beautiful full moons instill fear in me.   Well, not fear.  But heavy sighs.   Because I know what’s coming.  I’m not even going to be foolish enough to claim it has no effect on me.  I’m not claiming it does…..  I know before the moon bursts through in it’s full figured shimmery stunning self….we are inundated with an unusually high number of calls and visits.  Calls and visits that usually pertain nothing at all to our business.   Calls and visits that ask solutions of us that are beyond our capabilities.

On the way home this evening Husband says “you’re going to be busy tomorrow”.   I ask why and he points out the windshield at the beautiful site of the moon.   I stared.  Then relaxed.  Because it is a fraction of a sliver shy of a full moon.

Not So Full Moon

There’s no fooling around with full moon effects.  But this not quite full moon is not fooling me.