Your Face, I Saw It

I’ve read that you cannot dream a face that you have not seen.

It makes sense.

But it does not bode well for Husband.

I dreampt some wild dreams last night.   Some sad dreams.  And one dream that has gotten somebody in hot water.

Husband and I were walking out of a place, an odd place.  When I walked out I was on one floor.  But Husband wasn’t with me as we stepped through the door.  I turned and went back in and could see the floor below.  Where Husband was kissing a woman.

And I saw her face.

I don’t remember having ever seen her.

But I will know you when I see you.

33 thoughts on “Your Face, I Saw It

  1. Colleen, It is to close to Halloween for you to start having Stephen King kind of dreams. Take care, Bill — PS I believe totally you will recongize her when you see her, and I wouldn’t wanna be her when you see her. LOL LOL


    • 😉 It was some weird dreaming Bill. And as I replied to the comment above yours, I feel pretty confident if I run in to this woman of my dreams I will be well prepared. Poor husband never knows what I’m going to say to him!


  2. You can’t dream aface you have never seen? I’ve not ever heard that before – that’s interesting.

    Hmm… Hubby must be nervous!


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