Today You Are Beautiful




Don’t believe me?

Ask someone who can’t live without you.


I believe if you want to be beautiful,

You have the tools to be beautiful.


I believe if I want to receive good, positive and healthy-

I have to put out good, positive and healthy.

And it will return.

Hopefully it encircles the earth a time or two before coming back to me.


Be your beautiful self today.

Somebody in your day is going to bask in the beauty of you.


I believe our actions, our words, and our compassion-

Are what make us beautiful.


Practice your best beautiful today.

To prepare for tomorrow.

28 thoughts on “Today You Are Beautiful

  1. Beauty comes from within – I totally agree with you, Colleen. But why do we drive so hard on our outside … why do we look away when we meet somebody that has some kind of disability, because we don’t know how to handle it. I also think that if we feel beautiful within ourselves, the world around us always look at our beauty, To feel beautiful also have to do with our self-esteem, let’s take care of our beautiful mind and heart. Love your post, Collleen.


    • Thank you Viveka. We do need to take care of our beautiful minds and hearts! Perfectly said Viveka. So many of us do worry too much about the outside, when the outside of us isn’t what people need from us.


  2. Inner beauty has a shine to it. All you need to do is look into someone’s eyes. It’s all there. I agree with a previous commenter that we need to have self-esteem for that inner glow to show.
    YOU are beautiful, Colleen.


  3. “Hopefully it encircles the earth a time or two before coming back to me.” I bet it does. I’m pretty sure I just felt it as it passed by the Eastern Shore and the Wabi-Sabi Ranch. Thank you. πŸ™‚


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