I Will Not Follow Just Anyone

I’m not a follower.  But if I were I would want a leader who:

*is trust worthy.

*instills confidence.

*encourages self reliance.

*has compassion.

*but is not a pushover.

*(did I say honest?  If so, it bears repeating.)

*displays courage.

*knows and utilizes common sense.

*believes himself to be no better than his people.

*is cautious and careful with his people’s wealth.

*is not self serving-but believes himself to be of service to his people.

*admits his mistakes.

*does not shrug blame on to others.

*works for solutions not excuses.

*is wiser than King Solomon.

*who will not sacrifice his people.

*who works with his people to build us up.

*who does not tear us down or tear us apart.

I will follow a leader who can do all of these things.  I will follow a leader who inspires strength of character, strength of will, and strength of community.

I will follow a leader who does all of these things.   And surprises me with his wisdom, his caution and his bravery.

When I am impressed with a man or woman of such character.

I will follow.

23 thoughts on “I Will Not Follow Just Anyone

  1. Colleen, As always you make a valid point. I was fortunate during my career to have such as leader as you describe. He was a wonderful teacher, and a leader of people. He has since passed, but taught me many a life lesson that I still use today. Thank you — Bill


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