Do Not Accommodate Anyone Else’s Disbelief In You

To The Person Who Needs To Hear This…

You are not stupid.

You are not incapable.

You are not what your mistakes are.

You are what you deem yourself to be.

I challenge you.

To get up each day and determine, from the moment you look at yourself in the mirror, what you will be today.

If you don’t know something, charge yourself with the task of learning this thing you need to know.

If you have not yet done something that you need to do, charge yourself with the task of doing it first thing.  Putting it on the ‘to do’ list and staring at it uncrossed on that list….just fills you with foreboding.  Start the task.  Ask questions.  Persevere.

If you are struggling, be assured that a struggle is not a bad thing.  It is a learning thing.  

If others tell you – you cannot – they are not the ones who determine that.  Use their cannot to light a fire within your capabilities.  Let their disbelief ignite in you a passion that you most certainly can.

Do not accommodate anyone else’s disbelief in you.

Making a mistake does not make you a mistake.  It gives you another opportunity to learn.

I challenge you to speak the facts in your own defense.  Not to fight.  But to stand on your principles.  And to be strong in your convictions and what you can do.

Own, and take charge, of you.

I challenge you to be exactly what you desire to be.

I believe in you.

But you must believe in you.

I challenge you to let go of your disbelief.

Give yourself a little wink in the mirror.

Pick up your ability, your intelligence and your determination on the way out of the door.

On your way to believing.