I Have Touched The Beginning Of Time

You may not believe me.   Or follow my theory on this.   But I believe I have touched the beginning of time.  I believe it to be true.   It started to grow in me when I was talking to someone who was almost one hundred.  Just a few years shy.   We talked about the changes.  We talked about the so very different life styles that have evolved with the inventions and creations of this world.

I sat there talking to him.   And it dawned on me.  When he was born there was none of the fancy gadgetry that we have now.   Cars were scarce and not common to everyone like they are now.  Plumbing wasn’t in many homes.   Not all homes had electric, probably precious few.  Phones weren’t common place.

This man, born when he was, literally knew a world unknown to me.

Then I thought about his parents.

They would have not known any  of what we know now.

He knew his parents.  He talked of his parents.  Wait, he probably knew his grandparents.  He would have sat with the people who gave birth to his parents.  He would have talked with them about their lives.    This man, sitting here, had literally touched the lives of people from the early 1800’s.   And they, in turn, had touched the lives of the generation before them.  And so on.  Through the touching of lives, he could go back to forever.

He has touched the beginning of time.   Through the touch from child to parent, to parent, to parent….

I’m fascinated with ancestry.  With the drama of imagining the lives they lived.   What they, we,  looked like and where we came from.

With excitement it formulated in my head.  It just makes sense.  No one born, no one, can exist without being able to go back to the very beginning of humankind.

I have touched my parent.

Who touched their parent.

Who touched their parent.

It is impossible to have been born and not touch the history.

Of who we are.

Or to give birth,

And not pass the touch,

Of the beginning of time

To the next generation.

I have touched the beginning of time-

And sent it on to the future.