Don’t Make Me Get All Passive Aggressive On You

If I hold the door open for you and you breeze through as if it is my station in life to hold the door open for you….

I will get all passive aggressive on you-

And mutter “you’re welcome”-

As quietly as possible.

Once I close the door and walk away.

It’s the bad butt in me.

Don’t test me.

It will happen.

29 thoughts on “Don’t Make Me Get All Passive Aggressive On You

    • Oh if only they understdood “equal”. Equal treatment means I will hold the door open if I am the first one through and someone is close behind. Equal treatment is if a man or woman or child is having a difficult time getting through a door because of full hands I open the door for them. Equal treatment is I say thank you when someone holds it for me. That’s equality. I, sir, appreciate kind gestures no matter who they come from. 🙂 You may open my door and I will graciously thank you!


  1. I hate when people don’t thank you. However one day I was going into the dentist. I had walked up the stairs and was busy texting. I never looked up and did not realise a lady was holding the door open waiting for me until I got to the door. She was so mad by then she walked away and said very loudly “You’re welcome” I was mortified!


    • Oh we’ve all done this. I held a door for a boss today and said “good morning” as she breezed through without a response. We had about fifteen feet between us as she yelled out “hi Colleen!” her brain was in another place when we passed. These things are truly understandable. Surely she saw you were not paying attention or looking. But I would have felt like you did. I’m sure she got over her non passive aggressive reaction. 😉


  2. i do that ALL THE TIME. i will say you’re welcome a little to loud though! its just odd how many people lack common sense when it comes to manners! i would never think twice about saying thank you…good post!


  3. LMAO!! Guys have it WORSE, Chatter Master. Much worse. When we hold the door open for a lady, they not only do not let you get in that line first, they take forever to order and pay! Ha! * mutter mutter *


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