At This Day’s End

With the closing of any day.  When the darkness approaches.  I like the settling of it.  I like the comfort of having lived it.

Some days I can’t wait for the moment to close my eyes to it.  Review it.  Make mental adjustments.  Take those mental notes to appreciate something in it.  Sigh for a lost moment.  Cry for  a sad moment.

Other days I am loathe to close my eyes.  Hesitant to bring an end to the day I’ve just had and spent.  Knowing once the eyes are closed the day is relegated (though loved!) to the memory of it-and it is no longer actively being lived.

At this day’s end.

This day today.

I end it and all days.

Looking forward to the dawning.

We can’t have tomorrow without leaving today behind.

For it only takes a blink.

To go from this day to the next.

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