Joyful Joyful I Adore Thee!

Chivalry is not dead.

This morning I step out of my side door to leave for work. I was quickly greeted by two beautiful and large boxers.    Maybe the other neighbors didn’t appreciate the 6:57 a.m. greeting. But I didn’t mind it.  They were only about 18 inches from me.  With a fence between us that I am sure they could have leapt over or plowed through.  But they just bounced up and against the fence.

Barking all of their exhuberance of the morning.  At me.  Loudly.

I returned  their exhuberance with a smile and a “good morning puppies”.

And I look up to see the bare chest of the neighbor leaning out to try and settle them.

Oh my.

The dogs did not settle.   They became more ….loud.  But I didn’t mind.   Next thing I know the neighbor comes out the door.

In his briefs.

To save me from his ferociously barking canines.

I nearly tripped.

But remained upright.  Telling myself don’t stare don’t stare oh I should stare.

I said “maybe I should make friends with them so they feel better”. I said this as I kept walking.

And simultaneously thinking I have absolutely no intention of doing anything to stop him from coming outside in his briefs.

Thank you Mr. Buff Body Builder for saving my life.

And sending me off to work with a silly grin on my face.

Next time, hopefully, I will try to get a picture.