What’s The Point?

What’s the point of writing all of these words ??

What’s the point of drawing pictures??

What’s the point of painting scenes??

What’s the point of taking hundreds and thousands of pictures ??

What’s the point of creating?   Why do people sit in their homes, in their backyards, tromp through local parks and seek out beautiful things to recreate or get inspiration from?

Or contemplate, worry over, and construe and construct words in  to forms that tell stories, tales or prose?



We are creators.

Is the opposite of ‘create’ – destroy?

Is the absence of ‘create’ – void?

I have no desire to destroy.  And I have no desire to be void….empty.

I choose to create.   I am driven to create.

I create.  The value in creating is the honor I pay to what inspired me.  The honor I attempt to show to others who I value.  The value is in the why of creating.  It’s in the process of creating.  It’s in the stepping back and feeling what ever it is I feel after I’ve created.  The value is in the moments I spend creating, to share it with my child.  My grandchild.  A great great grandchild I may never meet but who wonders about me.  The value is in making my husband smile.  My mother proud.  My siblings applaud and shout (okay that may be an exaggeration).   The value is in the sharing of something I want to create for someone else.

It feels the more I attempt to create, the more I desire to see, observe, and appreciate others creations.

Why do you create?

51 thoughts on “What’s The Point?

  1. You are a wonderful roll in your life, Colleen, where you are enriched by the creative process and the effect of your creations on others. I write because I take great satisfaction in putting the right puzzle pieces together, the ideas in general and the specific words, with the hope of making others feel and think.


  2. Wonderful post, and interesting question. I create because… creating is play, creating is joy, creating is learning, creating is interacting, creating is love and pain and the whole darn thing. Sometimes I think — I’m almost sure — that’s what we’re here for. To create. I’m learning, too, that there are times when you have to destroy before you can create (at least when it comes to renovating a house and cleaning up a trashed property!).


    • You got me on that destroying to create! Very good point! And there have been many who have taken something destroyed or discarded and created something new and recycled.

      And creating is definitely all of those things. I can’t imagine existing without the need to create. 🙂


  3. Well! I was just sitting on my side listening to and sorting my media ideas. I was thinking how could I work out the connection of inspiration, energy, creation ideas, wrong, right, binary thinking pah! and then…You posted this. So, I decided to put the two videos together in one post…the blog police will be out to get me, I’m sure roflmao!!


    • I wrote for release for years. It has since turned in to a burning desire to create. To leave behind. But…when I look at it, it seems that the writing for release still had it’s own creation. It created a freedom for me. It created ‘self’ and ‘worth’ and so much more. I hope it’s doing the same for you.


  4. I create because I get caught up in the moment and can’t let go until I believe I’m done (but I never am). I create for the joy of reading the finished piece. I create to entertain and inspire my young grandchildren.
    You are indeed an inspiration, Colleen. You take the time to say I (maybe others) don’t slow down to analyze sometimes. 😀


  5. I think we all need validated and appreciated. We create, write etc as a way to show who we are, how we think. What matters to us. U most likely create to entertain and inspire me like none other !


    • 😉 Validated and appreciated! So true. I have to admit that for all of the words I’ve written I don’t think I have yet been able to express who I am and how I think. It keeps eluding me.

      And I’m glad I can entertain and inspire you. I value that.


  6. Colleen, I could not agree more, it is the act, it is the forever of it, it is the glimsp of the future, and a good look at the past. We create for ourselfs, and we share our creations with those we choose. Thank you for choosing me to share your creations. Take care, Bill


    • Oh Bill, I love that… “it is the forever of it”. I know you and I share a desire to leave words for others important to us.. The sharing of our creations is so very important. Even if what is created isn’t shared “now” but for the intent to be shared later, or to be ‘found’. I’m glad we share with one another.


  7. Colleen, beautiful … so beautiful! I create to keep my brain going, my biggest fear was when I retired that I would lose my marble very soon, because I wouldn’t be able to keep my brain going in a creative way – but I have kept it going … and the blogging has a big part in that.
    I love being creative … because I can bring joy to others … through what I’m doing, don’t mean the blogging now. I make cards … I create music CD’s that I give away … what I don’t do .. is creative cooking.
    I suppose being creative means that I’m playful …


    • Playful!!!! YES! I have some of your CD’s. 🙂 But I didn’t know you were making cards. Do you mean the on line cards? If that’s what you mean, do you mean you actually created those???? I don’t think I knew that.

      I’ve heard others who are retiring say the same thing. They worry about losing those marbles. With all that you do, I don’t see that EVER happening. 🙂


      • Yes, I make with programs on my PC – have a couple of software so I can personalize greeting cards. Plus I have Smilebox .. that I love playing around with.

        I hope I have my mum’s gens – but I think if we are not keeping our brain going .. we will go fairies very quickly. Has happen to quite a few I know.
        Blogging probably saved my brain. *smile


  8. I think this is right up there with “what is the meaning of life”…there is no answer for us, other than being driven to do these things, to capture or create something…something beautiful, or something from deep within us. A wonderful text, Chatter.


  9. I spent all afternoon and evening finishing up something I designed and knitted that has been nothing but a pain in the backside ever since I started it. I finally fixed what was wrong, wound up with something even better than I expected, and feel a deep sense of satisfaction with the final product. If I sell it, it won’t be worth all the time I put into it–but that’s beside the point. The act of creating something beautiful, no matter the time or energy spent making it, is worth more than any amount of money.


  10. I create. . . because I have to. It sings songs to me that won’t go away unless I give it expression, whether it be my journals, my blog, my photography, or something else (cooking lately – I’ve lost 30 pounds since last summer – way before my daughter decided to get married!).



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