WordPress-Can We Talk?

It may seem inappropriate to start a conversation with someone I barely know….but…. I love you.

There.  I said it.

And you know what’s coming, right?

That big old butt.

I mean, but.

I’ve been courting you for over four years and have had a fantastic time!   You are eager to please.  Stop it!  You know it’s true!

You have so many interests and a zest for life.

How can I not appreciate that and love you?

You court many of us.  By the thousands.  By the millions.    Amazing, really, how you do that.

And ….well….I appreciate you.  Here’s the but….

But something is wrong.

Are you okay?

You seem a little down.

I know you’re dependent on those you court.  You need our attention just as much as we need yours.   Are we letting you down in some way?  I only ask because….well….you don’t shine as much.   You used to Fresh Press up to nine or more writers a day.   And I loved it.  I don’t have the time to peruse your endless paramours (and I use this term in the positive sense, not the illicit lover sense-that would be wrong.)

I love to read as much as I love to write.   I have seen some fabulous talent come across your Fresh Pressed pages.  It’s always exciting to see someone presented.  Someone I never would have found if it hadn’t been for you showcasing them to us.

I love the funny people who write and I feel like they are talking directly to me.

I love the educational people who write and I learn something new about people or places I’ll likely never see or meet.   But I’m glad to learn of them.

I love the irate people who are fed up with the crazy crap that the world is putting forth.

I love the photography that displays visions I will never be able to capture.

I love the run of the mill sharing of every day life in other little towns or big cities.  Because they all have their unique characters and stories.

I don’t agree with or enjoy every single writer.  But I love that what you do here is give every single writer a place to write.  And share.  And be seen.  And for discussions to be started and perspectives shared.

But I don’t see them any more.   Not as much.  One or two a day.   On a good day, maybe more.  I hope you are okay, WordPress.  I worry when I don’t see the love and the shine come through.

I miss the way things used to be.

Buck up WordPress.

We need you.

 Update:  wouldn’t you  know the day I write this there are about 8 (as I type this) new posts on Fresh Pressed!   Woot Woot!  Power of the pen my friends.  Or coincidence.   🙂  Which ever.