Dreams Created

I have never seen the Northern Lights.

Until last night.

And even then, I only saw them in my dreams.

Bizarre really.  I don’t have vivid dreams and I don’t always remember my dreams.  Yesterday a friend had posted that we wouldn’t be able to see the Northern Lights because of cloud coverage in our area.   I thought to myself that’s a bummer.   Even though prior to seeing that post I hadn’t paid a bit of attention to the fact that the Northern Lights were playing their magnificent beauty for the world.   But being informed I couldn’t see them, caused a brief reaction of disappointment.

Until I went to sleep.  And they played out in my dreams.

I could tell you the entire dream but it would likely bore you.   Mostly because there is no way I could verbally paint for you what my mind created for me to enjoy last night.   And I don’t want to lose the power of what I saw by trying to explain to you how the village on water, with the hodge podge of beautiful homes, large and very tiny, tied in to the huge city buildings.   And how the lights played on the world for just me.

But I woke this morning wondering…..what is it people will tell me I can’t have today….that I might just have a hidden power to create for myself.

I’m eager to find out.