In grade school and high school and even college (!) we used to be made to do “group projects”.  And we didn’t get to pick our group.  I never minded the people in a group.  But I did not like being told I had to do a group project.  I have always preferred to work alone.  I have a vision.  Or a task.  And I want to complete it.  I don’t want to wait on others.  Or give up control of what I have to do to complete something.

I do not collaborate well.

I’m sure there are all kinds of issues that could be attached to that.

But there are also all kinds of strengths that can be attached to that.  Like…dependability, task oriented, dedication.  Etc.

Today I entered in to my first willing collaboration.

I did my part and had to hand it over.

I went in to it knowing it would be used in what ever manner my partner felt fit to use it in.  I couldn’t complain.  I couldn’t dictate.  I couldn’t control it.

I had to let it go.

And I did.


And it worked perfectly.

I have found one I will eagerly collaborate with again.

Just one.

So far.