I Hope. So I Do.

Someone said to me this past week “hope is not a plan”.

For a fraction of a second, and truly that’s not a long time.   I didn’t think I agreed.   But then … I got it.

I can’t ‘hope’ to win the lottery to prepare for my future, my retirement, or well being of my family.  I have to work towards that goal.  To that end.

I can’t ‘hope’ to lose weight and/or be healthy.  It’s something I have to put energy and effort in to.   I will remind myself of that as I go tromping through frigid temperatures to hike trails and paths at the butt crack of dawn today.   Bonus to this….will be the views I am hoping to see.  Oh, I tricked you there didn’t I?   Ah…but I can’t just hope to see these beautiful visions.  I have to get up, gear up, and hike  myself in to the path of the breaking sun and glittery snow.   It won’t just happen.

I can’t ‘hope’ the world will respect me and appreciate me for the spectacular person I am.  (Can I be an objective observer of my values to the world?  Probably not.)  But for whatever part of my world that I wish to have respecting me for my work, my efforts and my involvement don’t I have to be working,  effort-ing and involving myself to earn that respect?

I can’t “hope” to be a writer unless I write these brilliant words.

The same would go if I wanted to be a singer, I must sing.

To be a  painter- I must paint.

To be a dancer-I must dance.

To be sober-I must abstain.

To be educated-I must learn.

To be-I must do.

Hope is not a plan.  Hope will not make change happen.  Hope will not ‘do’ what must be done.

But do not make the mistake of thinking it has no place.

Hope, is fuel.  Hope, is fire.  Hope, creates dreams and inspiration.

Hope, has it’s place.

I hope.

So I do.