Walk Through This Day

I got up to walk today.

To  see how I could make my way.

Walk Today

To test my strength and my power.

After the dawning hour.

Frozen By The Creek Side

To keep from being rooted like a tree.

I must continue to explore, me.

Rooted Tree

To find the rocks I carry inside,

Or make them challenges to climb.

Rock Cropping

And in the midst of frozen minds

I find thaws  that flow and unwind.

Frozen Thaw

And on this day I take as mine-

It’s made a little more fine-

By sharing the day’s time-

And it’s finds.


FriendWalk The Day     Through.



27 thoughts on “Walk Through This Day

  1. A walk alone at daybreak clear out the cobwebs in our brain, as well as appreciate the wonder of nature around us in its stillness.

    Thanks for the reminder, Colleen. The pictures are a lovely pictorial. I feel the brisk wintry air.


  2. Now that does NOT look warm… Beautiful words written by a beautiful soul with beautiful pictures taken by a handsome PO… I am happy you enjoyed the hike. Was that the “big old tree” you wrote about perhaps a year ago?


  3. Beautiful poem and pics Colleen! I like the idea of finding the rocks inside and challenging
    myself to overcome them. Taking time to walk through the day, taking things as they come, enjoying little moments…thanks for a great start to my day:)


  4. I love our walk together here …. *smile – loved the freshness in the chilly air .. and to be in the warm comfortable clothing and nice to be back home in the indoor heat .. where our cheeks went very warm very quickly.


      • Just give me a shout and I will walk with you … anywhere. *smile
        We have got winter now and there is a warning for the next 48 hours. So tonight defrosting of my freezer – only -4,5C, but it feels like -10. But no sunshine yet.
        Stay warm and forget about taking photos …


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