Creating An Essence

I will be the first to acknowledge that I am not in possession of great artistic skills.  And for that matter I don’t have a lot of art knowledge.

But it seems with the dawning of my new age I have a burning need to create.

There is a vibrating and powerful drumming in me.


Today’s artistic endeavors are being brought to you courtesy of snow delaying me from driving to my hiking destination, and then changing my hiking destination.  You may thank the global warming state’s deep freeze.

Sweet Baby


Sweet Toddler


Sweet Toddler


Sweet Child

I’ve learned a few things in doing this.   I don’t need to recreate the masterpiece that was created.  The child I love.  Or the thoughts that make me happy.  Or the moments that fill me with hope and gratitude.

In part of my desire to create….I want to capture an essence.   Something that I see.  Or feel.  Something is so strongly reverberating in me that it is roaring.  I want to create something tangible to go along with my feelings.

My skill is not in my ability to create.   My skill is in my ability to love all that I have and cherish it.

And I do.

45 thoughts on “Creating An Essence

  1. Colleen, What a perfect follow up to your post regarding hate and hating. As for your art, I worked at the National Gallery of Art for a couple years, and your drawing would be good fit. Take care, be safe. Bill


    • 🙂 Thank you Bill. I have talked of sneaking a book I wrote in to Trinity College Library in DUblin Ireland and hiding it in the thousands of books there. So I could say my book is there. Maybe I can do the same thing with one of my paintings. 😉 Thank you for saying that, it made me smile!!


  2. Isn’t that what art is essentially all about? Distilling things and feelings down to the essence of life? You’re an artist. And I think your art is wonderful. 🙂


  3. That’s a fantastic sentiment, Colleen. You want to capture the essences of all you love and you simply can’t suppress the feelings and they have to come out somehow! I love your little artistic efforts. They are very sweet. You take some very deep thoughts and put some simplicity to them. That’s a gift.


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