The Bubble Life

Can you imagine living in a bubble?  Where your environment is controlled.  Predictable.  Non-negotiable.  Reliable.

What kind of life is there to be lived in a bubble?

Living In A Bubble

To live trapped.  Away from experience, chance, opportunity, risk, challenge, change, excitement.

Trapped In A Bubble

In some regards the bubble may be a safe guard from dangers.  Either keeping the danger away.  Or keeping the bubble dweller away from the dangers.

Safe In A Bubble

What if the bubble is the band aide?

What if the bubble was confinement-but there was security in the confinement?

Some would wither and die having to live in a bubble.   They would feel trapped.  Confined.  Not alive.

Wither and Die

Where some would find themselves suffocating and deteriorating-

Others may find it to be a place where the confines and limitations of what can get to them, and what they can get to, is a fertile and safe environment for them to flourish.  Expand.  Be safe in the structure of sameness.

I bet there are some people who can’t imagine living inside of a bubble.

And for others, they find peace.

Peace Bubble

Bubble Life.  Or Bubble Free Life.

I hope it’s good to you.

49 thoughts on “The Bubble Life

  1. Such an interesting post Colleen, thank you, how many do use their bubble, I wonder? We all try and protect ourselves in one way or another, my bubble emerges, to band aid any pain, or when I want to hide away with my own feelings. Luckily though, I burst it when needed, to much of life out there, to be confined. Loved the pics also. Well done. 🙂 x


    • Thank you Ramblings! I do believe some of us go in and out of bubbles. 🙂 It makes sense that may happen considering we have so many different components of our lives. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel safe. Or to feel free! 🙂


  2. Colleen, I had a multitude of thoughts as I read this, and managed to find myself on the fence. I could not live in a bubble, I just can not imagine that life, were I couldn’t see a tree for the forrest. But I wish I were in a bubble that allowed me to breath easy, where I didn’t have a hose hanging off my nose, where my issures were not health related. But that’s the only part of the bubble I want. The bubble like life doesn’t allow you those kinds of choices. So I will keep my health issues, and my hose, and I will choose to live outside of the bubble. Thank you for see it from that direction. Take care, Bill


    • Bill I think there was a time when I was mostly “bubble-ized”. A time when I needed to create a security around me. Eventually I busted my way out of there. But I recognized today during a conversation with a friend, that many people may need that kind of environment on short term, or even long term basis. Thank you Bill. I do not see you as a bubble dweller!


  3. I admire your thought process and creativity in your drawings. I fall into both categories. On one side, I love my bubble. That is where I feel the most at peace and calm. That’s where I can relax and be me. On the other side, I enjoy being outside of the bubble also. That is where I learn new things, new perspectives, face fears, enjoy others and explore the world beyond my own.


    • Oh MeWhoAmI ! What a beautiful way to use bubbles. And by the way, I find bubbles beautiful. And I love saying “bubble”. Bubble.

      I like the comfort I get from your words. I think Bubbles can be very safe and inviting places. Sure, some people hide in them, and that’s okay too if they need it. But I like how you use them.


    • Now Paulette, I hope you don’t think for one minute I can see you trapped in a bubble!!!! 🙂 Though I DO SEE you enjoying making bubbles and letting them float all over with their shiny and shimmery ways. 🙂


  4. I totally love with you did with that last drawing, Colleen! What a cool idea. I suppose I go back and forth. Sometimes I like a bit of a bubble but mostly not. Bet you would have NEVER guessed that!

    Hugs from Ecuador,


    • 🙂 Ha!!!! I think I would. I suspect you are bubble dwelling when you are in your studio creating such fascinating pieces. Or writing. 🙂 And thank you. That last one was one of my favorites. 🙂


  5. For me, living in a bubble would give me freedom. Freedom from severe airbourne food allergies so strong that I cannot venture into the store to shop for my allergy friendlier foods. Freedom from not being able to go out in a public restaurant in order to be social, because, it seems, that people require that specific activity. Freedom from being assaulted by noxious chemical neurotoxins that make it so that my brain doesn’t function. The ability to visit my daughter at college without being ill. The list goes on and on. We cannot yet find such bubble material that does not contain a latex or other material that doesn’t kill me.


    • Notice: at the moment of this reading and then this writing the reality of my situation is feeling rather heavy, Not on the pity pot yet but daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn…

      Let me see…today, I can stand up pretty much at will. I was able to enjoy reading for quite a long while before my eyes began to go to gray! 🙂 There!


    • Elisa, to be quite honest I don’t have a better way of saying this than…..that sucks. I’ve known people in my past who had horrible reactions to chemicals and smells. It was a constant irritant for them. And sadly, you are correct, there would be no bubble that would be made without the very things that would harm you. Unless of course it could be an allergen free soap bubble????


  6. My husband has severe social anxiety and for the past few years he seldom leaves our home at all. We are full time RVers, which means our home is our camper. In some ways, as I read this, I could see our camper as his bubble and he’s perfectly happy within it.


  7. I live both in and out of the bubble. Sometimes my world is complete without outside interference or distraction, quiet and soothing. Could I always ever live there, no. Interaction with others is important to me.
    What an awesome subject, Colleen. 😉


    • Thanks Debra. I’m kind of fond of the peace bubble myself. I’m thinking, after someone else suggested it as well, that I do the same thing. I love how the comments make me rethink, or see differently, the things I wrote about.


  8. My bubble burst many years ago …. and I love to be free …. but sometimes I enjoy being in a bubble, the bubble that my lucky pills gives me – very soft, comfortable … warm. A pinch of danger is never wrong, but it has to be controlled. Love this bubble post.


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