Unknown Facts About Aging

1.  It does not suck.

2.  With child rearing being delegated to the next generation, you now have:

a.  More money

b.  More sleep

c.  More time to do what you want

d.  You don’t have to hide the good ice cream

e.  You don’t have to pretend you don’t drink pop at night

f.  Travel does not include packing three diaper bags and extra changes of child clothing for every five hours gone

3.  You don’t have to work as hard to keep the house clean.

4.  Laundry is 90% less than the last two decades of your life.

5.  You realize that getting older does not mean there is less to do.

6.  You realize there is an entire world of stuff to do.

7.  And now you have the time to do it.

8.  Things that used to stress you out….don’t.

9.  You get to decide what you want to do after work.

10. Life is worth getting older for.

11.  Dinner can be what ever you want it to be.   Not what you think you ‘should’ make for the kids.  You know, in case they tell their teacher.

12.  When the grandkids arrive you will wonder what in the world you were ever so stressed out about as a parent.

13.  Because sitting in the grandparent chair those babies look absolutely perfect and stress free!

14.  You don’t have to fix your hair on vacation (okay, I started that years ago).

But mostly….remember it doesn’t suck.

I haven’t started to age yet.  But I am preparing myself for when I do.  

I see, meet with, and talk with  a lot of aging people.  And I’ve noticed a huge difference in those who seem happier than others.  Those who believe they have value enjoy life.  Those who go looking for life, find it.  Those who find worth in their life and lessons learned, share it.  Those who believe they have a purpose, still, with every breath-prosper with age.

Aging doesn’t suck.

It’s more time living and learning.

57 thoughts on “Unknown Facts About Aging

  1. too funny, 90% less laundry! I got a wee taste of that when I did as the OT commanded (silly girl, autism requires ABA training for a new behavior in my house sigh) that I simply give Z bags to sort and then to wash his own clothes and only offer him a ride when I am going out the door. It’s also doubly expensive and I can’t afford it. Hey he can now put it in himself and figure out how much money he needs!!! Progress!


  2. Oh how this rings true, but as I approach my 59th erk I know right ..there are the moments that I wish the body kept up with my brain. I so do # 11 * nods* I am waiting to be a Nanna! ok busting to be. Life certainly has taken on a different more comfy, relaxed feel as I grow into my years… Some days I’m fine with it, some days ..please turn back the clock! 🙂 well done x


    • Comfy feeling for sure. Okay, I don’t know if I can drop “Ramblings”. Maybe Rambling Jen???? 🙂 You will love the Nannahood life. It is grand indeed. I felt a little of our Irish Katie coming through you on this. ❤

      Thank you !


      • I am fine with either, whatever you are comfy with. I am so wanting the Nana life, when my eldest got married (pic in a recent post) almost 4 years ago now, she grabbed my shoulders and said “Don’t even look at me for at least 4 years”..guess what hun time is up!
        Now and then I slip into Katie mode, that way I can think she is still going to pop up… we miss her


        • We do miss her. I love that we share her memory and good feeling amongst us. I hope it makes her smile, pretty sure it does. 🙂

          I hope the eldest and her husband are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 Here comes the Nana Fun!!!! Rambling Jen/Rambling Mum becomes SUPER RAMBLING NANA!!!! I like the sound of that.


  3. Absolutely wonderful list, except for those who are stuck, have not contact with family, have no interests outside of their working lives, have no imagination, sit in their rocking chairs bored out of their minds marking time. How sad.


  4. I agree! I haven’t aged yet either, but this sure makes sense. Plus, you confirmed and reminded me of something I heard tonight. Something I need to put into action. For that, I thank you.


      • Haha – a friend told me the other day that my lipstick was bleeding into lines above my mouth and I laughed and punched him lightly in his big tummy. Then today, my son said, ‘Your face is getting a bit furry around the edges, Mum” and I laughed. I have even come to terms with my midriff – wonderful!


        • What fantastic responses!!!!! I say lets just enjoy what ever the heck we have going for us, not worry about the things we can’t control, and not spend any more time fighting what is impossible to reign in!!!! Good for you Julie!


  5. I been aging whole my life … and it doesn’t suck … especially not in the 40’s – now I realize with age also come health problems … and that SUCKS! And having more time .. can be over … in a day – so I rather be 40 than 65 … for sure. More money, maybe for the grandchildren .. but not for the aging.


    • I know there is so much we can’t control Viveka. But you sure do make aging look good. I know the health problems SUCK big time. But you still DO more living than many people I know half or even one third of your age. You rock this thing called life. And rock it well. 🙂


    • Okay then….. in your thirties you will be amazed at the power you will physically feel. In the forties you will be amazed at the things you have never ever experienced and learned of before. You kind of think aging is just getting ‘old’. No no no. I don’t know what the 50’s have in store yet. But I am planning on massive hiking endeavors, learning musical instruments, writing millions of words to astound the world with, and have fun living amongst people. I’ll throw some serious stuff in there as I go. But….it’s great to learn that you have the ability to control your attitude which controls your age! 😉 I hope that helps MMarinaa…. don’t be scared!!!!!! It’s worth it. I promise. 🙂


  6. This made this old gal feel better!! I have friends that in their 80’s, the wife is 85 and the hubby is 87 and he just retired from our office!!! You would think he was home taking it easy…ohhhh no, he is now the neighborhood mr fix it – they are young at heart and look to be in their 60’s. They have taught me the true facts of aging. I am 52 and trust me , 50 is not bad as I thought, I am getting to be more daring in my old age and am learning age is indeed in the mind (ok, in the body too!) but I do act most times like I am in my 20’s but with more wisdom and more life experiences and a lot slower. I like that saying of when we look in the mirror and you think who is that old person looking back at me!! lol


    • Yes! I have met and already know MANY 80 plus-ers who are great models for living and life.

      On the flip side of that , I know many twenty somethings who have already given up the ship and have no energy for life. Hopefully they will find that energy and good attitude.

      Mirror? Do people still use those? 😀


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