Joyful Joyful I Adore Thee!

Chivalry is not dead.

This morning I step out of my side door to leave for work. I was quickly greeted by two beautiful and large boxers.    Maybe the other neighbors didn’t appreciate the 6:57 a.m. greeting. But I didn’t mind it.  They were only about 18 inches from me.  With a fence between us that I am sure they could have leapt over or plowed through.  But they just bounced up and against the fence.

Barking all of their exhuberance of the morning.  At me.  Loudly.

I returned  their exhuberance with a smile and a “good morning puppies”.

And I look up to see the bare chest of the neighbor leaning out to try and settle them.

Oh my.

The dogs did not settle.   They became more ….loud.  But I didn’t mind.   Next thing I know the neighbor comes out the door.

In his briefs.

To save me from his ferociously barking canines.

I nearly tripped.

But remained upright.  Telling myself don’t stare don’t stare oh I should stare.

I said “maybe I should make friends with them so they feel better”. I said this as I kept walking.

And simultaneously thinking I have absolutely no intention of doing anything to stop him from coming outside in his briefs.

Thank you Mr. Buff Body Builder for saving my life.

And sending me off to work with a silly grin on my face.

Next time, hopefully, I will try to get a picture.


44 thoughts on “Joyful Joyful I Adore Thee!

  1. Colleen,

    LMBO, I am glad you started your day with some stimulating eye candy, to start your heart and make you giggle. This is exactly why no one will ever see me coming to your aid in such a manner, because the Pillsbury Doughboy, is not buff at all, LOL not even buff in his dreams. LOL I am glad you had such a wondrous AM experience, and if you do it again and take pictures. Just show them to your lovely female readers, us guys don’t need the competition. LOL – Take care and have a great Day – heck from your post we know you did have a great morning anyway. Bill


    • Well today David was talking to him and I came out and we made friends with the dogs. And his girlfriend came out in HER work out bra and short brief thingys. I think David and I are even. And they are SO nice. They seemed to enjoy the story. And I told them he made my blog!!!! I think he blushed. So if I do get any pictures, it will be of the both of them so all can enjoy. 😉


  2. Funny stuff. I am the owner of two boxers, myself…and, even though I’ve done P90x in the past…I don’t think it was me that came to your rescue (especially since my dogs are professionally trained- by me- I own my own dog training/behavioral rehabbing company! I’m new to this blogging stuff but if you want to check us out (and see my boxers) my site is all things dog… Boxers rule!


    • Thank you Garret and Amalia! I will hop over to see your all things dog. 🙂

      The dogs are very friendly. I think the neighbor is more worried about them getting ‘out’ than hurting me. They dont’ seem aggressive but very happy to see me!


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