Redemption Is Mine Sayeth The Mom!

You wouldn’t think this would bring me such joy.   I think there are moms every where who can relate and share in this exquisite moment.

For years my children have scolded me.  Scoffed at me.  Rolled their eyes at me.  They have even gotten angry with  me.  They don’t understand how I can possibly continue to “screw this up”.  It’s not rocket science.  It isn’t like there are even that many options.  How do I continue to make this mistake over and over again?  They have little, if any,  tolerance for it.

But redemption is mine sayeth this mom!

Finally.   It has happened.

In my presence.  With witnesses.

My daughter used three different names before getting the correct name for the child she was addressing!

I can hear the cheering.   World.  Wide.  I may or may not have had a stand up in your face! moment.

The only mom who still has some explaining to do is my aunt who also throws the dog’s name in while trying to find her child’s name mixed in with his uncle’s and brother’s name(s).