Hit Me Good

Have you ever hoped for certain words from certain people?   Wished and dreamed of someone saying something to you that changes your life?

Or have you ever sobbed over, sighed over, or dreaded the sound of certain words spoke by people you wished you had never heard those words from?

And the most incredible words….words you didn’t expect.  Words you weren’t looking for.  Words that were said to you.  Given to you.   And gave you encouragement, or appreciation, or value that you had not expected.

Words run through me like blood.

Like a musician who is constantly hearing a rhythm.   A beat.  A melody.   An engineer who is forever studying the angles and arches of everything they see.  The mathematician who sees solutions to everything with numbers.   For me it’s words.  I hear them. I play with them in my thoughts.  I write them just to form them, with no intention of creating anything with them.  I just absorb them and expel them.

I had an eventful day yesterday.   It started well.  And it ended well.

Not expecting it.  Not looking for it.  Not knowing it was coming.

Someone gave me four words.

Four words.

This beautiful person had no idea how these words would hit me.  And hit me good.   

She said-

“You’re A Life Changer”.

She has no idea how those words are pounding through me now.


Words change moments.

And lives.