A Well Deserved Smack

Though I have spent many many years learning how to ‘hit’ and physically defend myself I have never had cause to do so.    I always told my students the best use of martial arts is never having to use it for physical defense.   Use it for living.

But there was a time when I did hit.

I didn’t know any better.

And it was the only way I knew how to defend myself.  And probably, to get what I wanted.

Not that I went around just striking out.

And only because with siblings….it happens.

We were pretty physical.  Rambunctious.  It doesn’t matter if I was five, or six, or seven.  Or ten.  Or whatever.  There was always someone older being bossy.   Or younger being demanding and stupidly cute.    I had three older brothers.  And four more siblings followed me.  I don’t remember us as a particularly ferocious bunch.   But with eight of us….there were some fisticuffs.   Maybe fisticuffs is a bit of a fancy word for what we did as kids.  If you landed a good smack on a sibling for whatever retribution they deserved, it was a well deserved smack.  Or a bully move.   Depending on the situation.

One day while standing in front of the refrigerator I slapped my sister.  I don’t remember why.   But I know without a doubt that she deserved it.  And we couldn’t have been very old.  Though I don’t remember the circumstances leading up to it I clearly remember where we were standing.  And mom being right there looking down at us.  So I had to be much shorter than her.

Mom:   why did you hit her?

And out of my mouth came the only brilliant and perfectly timed excuse of my life.  The absolute only acceptable reason for slapping a sibling.

Me:  my hand slipped.

I don’t remember being punished.  Or disciplined.  All I remember is that the look on mom’s face changed.

Other than this….hitting is not funny.

Note to my descendents-I do not condone hitting.