At Least I Have Clothes On

Long ago on  a sunny day,

You and I were photographed.

You had a magical orb above your head.

A glass of tea.

And a hot dog on a stick.

It appears like you had everything.



But at least I have clothes.


59 thoughts on “At Least I Have Clothes On

    • 😉 I can’t wait for her to see it. There’s actually a much better picture of this day that I don’t have access to. It’s a full picture of her in her diaper, plaid tennis shoes, iced tea and hot dog. And belly!!!!! It is family treasure!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That was SO worth the wait! I have to admit, I knew at first glance it would be a picture of me, sans clothes, but had NO idea from when….I did go through a few “stages” (*blushing*) you have photos (like this one) that I’ve never seen before! I wonder if I’m “necked” because an elder sibling wouldn’t let me have clothes??? And where is the rest of my hotdog? Maybe THAT’S why your cheeks are so full! And just WHO has the infamous plaid tennis shoes picture?

    Thanks for sharing! It made me laugh out loud…a LOT! Love you, elder sibling!


    • I’m pretty sure that adorable older sibling is NOT the one who was in charge of dressing either of us that day. Or she would NOT have a dress on! 😉

      And I cannot find that picture! I don’t know who has it. It would certainly have been used here!


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