I Had To Say No

I am happily married.

But I have to admit, last night I was tempted.  I’ve told my husband and he’s dealing with it.

I know, I’m sorry.  I’m not perfect.

But when temptation is right there and your flattered and made to feel special…. what is one to do?

I know.  I know.  I know!  I know what I’m supposed to do.   But flattery and attention is a horribly strong persuader.

I did not at all encourage him.  Well, maybe a little.

At my age I wasn’t expecting it.  Not that I see myself as old.  Far from it!  I see myself as a very active, energetic (except after work) and not exactly ugly person.

I must have something adorable about me.  Why else would a five year old tell his friend to tell her Mamo to marry him?

You tell me you wouldn’t be flattered and love the attention.  But in fairness to my husband I did tell him that Po might be a little upset if I did.

These are the beautiful things about living life every day.  Innocent and adorable moments.  Things unexpected that make you smile.   There’s a grandness in that….loving the moments.

I think I need to buy him a bunch of candy to match his sweetness.

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