Call A Whisper Forward

Today I wrote this:

Written in Ogham

And it says this:

My Family-


Your family-


Calls to you.

Honors you.

Thanks you.

I wish for your stories.


To me.

My family.


I don’t know about the rest of you…. but it staggers me  that for every single moment of history I have had a family member living through out every historical moment.  Every-single-moment.

Someone who is directly responsible for my existence-lived.  Lived and loved.  Thought and worked.  Existed.  Created.  At least created life after them.   That eventually led to …    All of the DNA carriers that resulted in me have lived through every moment of humanities existence.

I wonder about that world.

Was there an ancestor who thought about those who came before them?

Or pondered who would follow?

Did they think of generations yet to be?   And contemplate the existence…..of me?

You may want to pause for a moment.  That last line?  The one above this one?  Epic.  Or at least it rhymed.

Today I wrote to them.

I wanted to reach back.  Call to them.   Send back a whisper.

And hopefully call a whisper forward.

And catch it as it passes me and searches out someone I contemplate the existence of.

I want their stories.

43 thoughts on “Call A Whisper Forward

  1. I tried to start a family tree, but it became too difficult with both my parents from Europe and pop was adopted out then taken back by his biological dad, got too messy to trace, but I am fascinated with the generations before us. I adore your title for this and send a whisper back.. Tempts some poetry in me. 🙂


  2. I agree wholeheartedly, Colleen, the whisper of ages past, they passed on the baton, as you have, of life, the chance to live, no holds barred. LIVE not just breathe. I Love your poem, it ‘calls’ to all. xPenx


  3. My cousin in Germany started our family tree because she wanted to and access to information was easier for her. No secrets in the closet but hardworking people and tiny women with 14 children. What humanity has been capable of.


    • YES YES YES!!!!!! I can imagine it MM!!!!! Isn’t it wonderful to think of plopping in to one of the ‘great great great’s” homes and watching them even for a couple of hours?????? Oh yes I do. 🙂 I’m glad it’s not just me!


  4. Woah. Okay…. I work with historical/genealogy stuff all day long but Colleen I have to be honest… I’d never even thought of it like this. It sounds simple and I’m probably just daft but that truly is crazy to think of their being actual specific people who’ve lived through every time period that lead down to my existence. I’m so dumb but I’d never really thought of it like that. *lightbulb*


    • 🙂 I am thrilled by the thought of it. Sometimes I have thoughts that amaze even me. 😉 But truly am fascinated by it all. Think of all of the things that HAD to happen, or not happen, to every branch that led to each of us for us to exist. I am glad I had a part to play in a light bulb moment. 🙂


  5. Love this post. I’ve thought of this before and wish I had the stories of my ancestors, of their friends, families, work, emotions, what made them tick, what made them laugh. And, do some of the same things stir emotion within me? Do I make them proud? Do I fail them somehow? I could go and on…:-)


    • Please do go on and on!!! This stuff amazes me. 🙂 And I want to know the very same things. During any dull moment I can so easily go to a place in history and imagine it with my relatives. Many an excruciating meeting or training has been survived in this manner. Shhhhhhhh 😉


  6. Many years ago I went to Orkney. There we went to see The Tomb of the Eagles, as found by a farmer on his land. The museum then was basically just his conservatory. It is all changed now, but then the farmer’s wife passed round artifacts.

    Including a Stone Age skull. And a clay bowl made by a little left-handed Stone Age girl (you could tell by the pattern on it, and could guess that it was a girl because the boys would likely be out hunting.)

    Anyway, she passed the skull round with the words, “This is your Great-great-great-great-great x 27 grandmother.” That, with the bowl made by real hands and real nail prints in it, brought the years together with a great Whoosh!


  7. Colleen, I am just caught up in peeking into your head I sit and wait each for the next bit of wisdom, the next lightblub turning on, the next inspriation, and you never fail to amaze me. I once had a conversation about Stephen King (my favorite author) how I loved what he wrote, and how it scared the shit out of me. But the point I stressed was I never wanted his dreams or his thougths. I would love to have some of yours. Please take care, Bill


  8. I have an original letter from one of my distant cousins that was written from the battlefield of the Civil War. Searching my family history, he wrote the letter 15 months prior to his death in the Battle of Gettysburg. His brother and sister both passed away approx. one year after him. (All three died very young).


    • How sad. And how incredible that you have that letter. That letter was in your cousin’s hands. On the battlefield. Carried from battlefield to homefront. Read by how many other’s eyes? Held in how many other’s hands???? And preserved and passed forward from generation to generation to you. AMAZING. Absolutely amazing to me. Can you imagine his life? And what he must have been going through?


  9. Family trees are interesting; we are still working on ours. Celtic and Austrian, it has been a lot of work but with tech today I gather it can be more efficient.
    But what I really wanted to focus on was: Oh my God you can write in Ogham!!! That is awesome!! That is all 🙂


    • Well, I “did” write in Ogham. But I would really like to study it some and do more. I really enjoyed it. Kind of felt…..connected to old. I can’t imagine doing that in stone!!!

      Good luck with your family tree. I’ve worked on ours quite a bit with my aunt and uncle. We have thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂


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