Sharing Growing Up

I grew up here.

Growing Up

It’s not an exact replica.

But if any of my siblings or either of my parents saw it,

They would know it.


My parents had eight of us.

Eight of Us

This isn’t even close to an accurate depiction of us.

But if any of us saw this…

We know it’s us.


Mom would say “don’t take my picture damnit”.

Every. Single. Time.   a camera was produced.

All Pictures of Mom

And though I can’t draw it in 3-D,

We all know this is what mom looks like.


Dad had a peculiar way of listening to music.

And any of my siblings can tell you that right there dad would lay.

Regardless of what else was going on in the house.

Dad Music

Maybe it was Johnny Cash or The Kingston Trio.

But this scene is part of our files.

And every 4th of July he gave us our own fireworks.

Fireworks By Dad

And no better dinner was had,

Then the pancake dinners by mom.

Lovin' Mom's Pancake Dinners

And the top of the stairs with the glass door.

Top Of The Stairs

It amazes me still that I never remember one single pane of glass being broken.


Considering how much thumping we did on one another.


And even though the details aren’t specific and clear.

And the visions are not perfectly reflected here.

When there are things in common that are treasured and loved.

We can recognize them in one another’s memories.