As If I Was Back On That Mountain

Sometimes I feel an overwhelming silence envelope me.  And my love of words is no less.  They just aren’t needed for the moment.  I just have a need to tumble, flow and cascade through the moments.







As if I was back on that glorious mountain.


Croagh Patrick

Cruach Phadraig

I took these pictures upon this mountain and brought them back with me.

And left a little of my soul always there to be.

44 thoughts on “As If I Was Back On That Mountain

  1. I can understand your feelings, Colleen, for such a wonderful place can only add to your need for silence, I was silent, in response to the photo’s, a simply beautiful posting, food for the soul. xPenx


    • I looked this book up Mark after reading your comment. And I either read the book or a condensed version of it. It’s kind of foggy but I definitely remember the living in a tree part.

      And now it’s good evening. Thank you! 🙂


    • I do get words backed up and tumbling in my head. I usually get them out, then never do anything with them because they are so not what I want. I save about every word I ever write. Often coming back and reading, and something makes sense of it.

      I tell anyone who wants to go to Ireland, do it, you will never be sorry you did. 🙂 I hope you go!


    • Thank you Koji. These were taken in Ireland. On our climb of Croagh Patrick. It was amazing. Just David and I on the entire mountain. Imagining all of the thousands and thousands who have climbed it since St. Patrick himself. I am sure we can share our feelings for Japan and Ireland with one another, and understand the passion.


  2. Colleen, Your pictures are a guide to your heart and soul. The fact you were on the mountain, the fact that you took the pictures and the most important fact you shared them and your thoughts. Thank you, Bill


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