The Dull Existence Of Life

I had this thought the other day.


I know it isn’t super philosophical.

But if you absolutely love to do something,

And no one encourages you.

Or cheers for you.

Or supports you.

Or listens to your enthusiasm-

And shares your joy…

That would suck.

Think of the dull existence life would be-

Without your passions.

Without other’s passions.

Dull.  Blank.  Empty.

I don’t ever want to be this sad.







30 thoughts on “The Dull Existence Of Life

    • Exactly Jen! I just realized, for example, that the Olympics are almost over. Where would be with out the passion of these athletes and the support of their families and communities? That’s just one example. But imagine no support for this?


  1. Colleen, What I so cherish about you is that you find that reason, that passion, that desire, that need, that want each day. And I and so many other of your supporters cheer you on, we wait with bated breath for your next word or saying. Each day you create a life in your stick folks, and they create a smile in the rest of us. Take care be safe, Bill


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