Redemption Is Mine Sayeth The Mom!

You wouldn’t think this would bring me such joy.   I think there are moms every where who can relate and share in this exquisite moment.

For years my children have scolded me.  Scoffed at me.  Rolled their eyes at me.  They have even gotten angry with  me.  They don’t understand how I can possibly continue to “screw this up”.  It’s not rocket science.  It isn’t like there are even that many options.  How do I continue to make this mistake over and over again?  They have little, if any,  tolerance for it.

But redemption is mine sayeth this mom!

Finally.   It has happened.

In my presence.  With witnesses.

My daughter used three different names before getting the correct name for the child she was addressing!

I can hear the cheering.   World.  Wide.  I may or may not have had a stand up in your face! moment.

The only mom who still has some explaining to do is my aunt who also throws the dog’s name in while trying to find her child’s name mixed in with his uncle’s and brother’s name(s).  

78 thoughts on “Redemption Is Mine Sayeth The Mom!

  1. Our daughter never appreciated being called by one of her brother’s names. She couldn’t figure out how I could get that so wrong since she was the only girl. What’s odd to me, I call my sister by my daughters name and vice versa. Even that one is funny to me, and I’m not quite sure why I do it.


  2. ah, one of life’s milestones, Colleen, proud mum eh? (heh!!) fumbling about knowing you *know* the name, if only it’d slip OFF the tongue via a brain that decides it’s off on it’s hols (didn’t you get t’note?) !!! , the right name of course, and your daughter is more than likely saying to herself that it’s not her fault,… it’s the childs, for not being memorable. 🙂 Great share and smiles this grey morning. xPenx


  3. Colleen, I have stood in front of Allison with my finger pointed at her saying YOU YOU YOU YOU until Allison popped in my head, and she is an only child. Imagine the looks I got. Heck I can still get the looks. Have a great day, Bill


  4. Hahaha! Thank you Colleen! You have lit the candle of hope in my life that I may, someday, find redemption by witnessing at least one of my three kids mixing up names as I do ALL the time… Have a wonderful weekend!!


  5. Oh, I had to laugh out loud, Colleen! But no cheering coming from me unfortunately – I can’t remember my Mom calling me by a different name but I have certainly done it to mine so many times I’ve lost count…enjoy your weekend!


  6. That is too funny and a great victory for you! With 4 children to cause confusion, my mom got to a point where she stopped using most of our names altogether. I learned to answer to names that weren’t even real words. I only have one son and I mess his name up, so I can’t imagine having more.


  7. This is priceless and universal. 🙂

    I had only one child, a daughter. My mother had five children, all daughters. I remember scratching my head when she went through the names when addressing (or trying to) a particular one.
    Although I had one, I can recall a time or two when I was so tongue-tied, I couldn’t think of my daughter’s name. Only one name to remember. Her name ended up being YOU.

    My daughter has two girls. I’ve caught her stumbling as well. 😀


  8. We just called our boys together, Alan-Adam or Adam-Alan, the one whose name was first was the one we wanted. My youngest is 25 now and he told me at Thanksgiving that for the longest time he though his name was Adam-Alan. It was only when he started school that he realized that he only had one name. I still call them by each others names, especially after they have been home for a visit and I say the same thing when they call me on it. “You know who I mean.”


  9. That is awesome!!! It happens to me all the time as I am better with faces than names…though I am not a mother, I can relate given my field. And then they get upset, and I can understand but by now I have had over a thousand (I counted and really estimated). It just happens. Glad she had that moment and you were there to see it. 🙂


    • 🙂 She has not commented on this to me. 😉 But I want HER to see THIS.

      I am as horrible with names. In many situations I don’t even use a name anymore. And to each of those thousand faces you are ONE!!!! They will remember you forever! 🙂


  10. I have been got my own name wrong for nearly 50 years …. and I have really difficult to get some names right and if I haven’t got it right at the first time, I will never get it right.
    Many years ago we had a busboy, I called one name … the head chef called him one and neither of them was right, but he answered us all.
    This with kids … no experience.


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